Uncontrollable Disruption (Situations outside Air Tindi’s control)

Disruption Outside Air Tindi’s Control (Uncontrollable)

Below is a non-exhaustive list of the examples provided by the Canadian Transportation Agency which outline situations considered outside a carrier’s control :

  • Meteorological conditions or natural disasters that make safe operation of the aircraft impossible;
  • Instructions from air traffic control;
  • Airport operational issues
  • Medical emergency;
  • Collision with wildlife;
  • Security threat;
  • Manufacturing defect that reduces the safety of passengers and that was identified by the manufacturer or a competent authority;
  • Labor disruption at the air carrier or essential service provider such as an airport or an air navigation service provider;
  • Notice to airmen (as defined in the Canadian Aviation Regulations);
  • War or political instability;
  • Illegal acts or sabotage;
  • Or an instruction from an official of a state, a law enforcement agency or a person responsible for airport security.

NOTICE: A delay, cancellation or denial or boarding that is directly attributable to an earlier delay or cancellation due to situations outside the carrier’s control is still considered outside the carrier’s control if all reasonable measures to mitigate the impact of the initial disruption were taken.


Our commitments to you:

Upon recognition of a flight disruption, Air Tindi will provide notice to all affected customers including the reason for the cancellation, delay or denial or boarding. Subsequent updates will be provided every 30 minutes until the disruption is rectified. Rectification will be attained through a newly established departure time or confirmation of alternate travel arrangements. Information will be provided through the following means:

  • Audible announcements within the airport terminal
  • Visible announcement available upon request

Alternate travel arrangements

If your flight is delayed for 3 hours or more Air Tindi will provide alternate travel arrangements or a refund is desired.
If your flight is canceled or you’ve been denied boarding, Air Tindi will provide confirmed alternate travel arrangements to those affected on the next available flight. Alternatively customers may choose to request a refund.


Denial of boarding

Air Tindi will not deny boarding until all passengers have been asked if they are willing to give up their seat. Air Tindi will not deny boarding to a passenger who has already boarded unless required for safety reasons.
Prior to denying boarding, Air Tindi will seek a volunteer(s) to willingly travel on the next available flight. In the event that there are no volunteers Air Tindi will deny boarding, giving priority to the following passengers:

  • Unaccompanied minors;
  • Passenger(s) with disabilities;
  • Service animals;
  • Passenger(s) who are traveling with family members;
  • Passenger(s) who were previously denied boarding on the same ticket.

If a benefit is offered in exchange for a passenger to willingly give up their seat, Air Tindi will provide the passenger written confirmation of that benefit before the flight departs.


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