Dash 7 Combi

Dash 7 Combi

unlike any other aircraft

From major airports to short strips, the Dash 7 Combi brings large airplane capability and service to the remote North.

The Dash 7 is considered a "true" STOL (Short Takeoff and Landing) aircraft, capable of safely operating from gravel strips as short as 1,500 feet with a full, unrestricted payload — a feature that sets it apart from any other aircraft in its class.

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This big four engine aircraft has a huge 91"x70"" cargo door and is configured with a "true" combi cargo/passenger interior that includes a roller floor, palletized quick loading system, passenger seating and an entrance located at the rear of the aircraft.

Fleet Size


Available Landing Gear


Ice/Gravel Strips


Available Passenger Capacity


Cruise Speed

240 MPH

Cargo Door Size

91" x 70"

Maximum Typical Payload

Up to 12,000 lbs or 2,250 cubic feet

Bulk Fuel Delivery (BATT)

Up to 6,400 liters

Cabin Length

36 ft

Runway Length

1,500 ft

Typical Range

1,000 miles

Quick Change Combi

Configurations 1-46 passengers and cargo/baggage


Quick change combo 

Roller Floor

Bulk Fuel

Bulk & Palletized Cargo

Short strip operations

Large Cargo Door - 91" x 70"

On-Board Lavatory

Pressurized cabin

Single point and overwing fueling

Fully IFR (GPS)




With multiple configurations available, the Dash 7 offers unparalleled versatility, allowing us to accommodate all your passenger and cargo needs.

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