King Air 250

King Air 250

Accommodating Medevac needs

The King Air 250 is an executive turboprop aircraft outfitted with the G1000 (glass cockpit) Synthetic Vision, and much more, setting it above the rest in its class. Capable of flying at 330 MPH, fully pressurized at altitudes up to 35,000 ft, with a maximum range of 1,700 miles, it can operate on paved and gravel runways as short as 2,900 ft with a payload of 1,800 lbs (in medevac configuration). Air Tindi operates three of these aircraft, one of which features a Large Cargo Door to accommodate bariatric patients when required. These aircraft are considered the pinnacle of their class. Air Tindi’s King Air 250 fleet is exclusively configured for medevac operations.


Fleet size

3 (including 1 Large Cargo Door Aircraft)

Available landing gear


Ice / Gravel Strips

No / Yes

Available Passenger Capacity

5 (Medevac Configuration)

Cruise Speed

330 MPH

Cargo Door Size

2 Aircraft - Passenger Door & 1 Aircraft - Large Cargo Door / 49" x 52"

Maximum Typical Payload

1800 lbs or 400 cubic feet (1,500 lbs Large Cargo Door Aircraft)

Cabin Length

14 ft.

Runway Length

2,900 ft.

Typical Range

1,700 miles


Advanced Medical Interiors

Large medical door

RVSM Certified

Fully IFR [GPS (WAAS), G1000 Glass Cockpit, Synthetic Vision, Enhanced Vision System, Weather Radar, TAWS]

Satellite Flight Tracking and Communication

Pressurized cabin

Long range

Wing Lockers for additional Baggage Capacity

Domestic and International all-weather operations

Centax/Halo Upgross Kit - Increased take-off weight from 12,500lbs to 12,340lbs


fleet-config-06_B 200 king air 350

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