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Bulk Fuel Delivery

Bulk Fuel Delivery Services

Air Tindi offers bulk fuel delivery services to its customers, which is made possible by the Bulk Aviation Transport Tanks (BATT) that we possess. These tanks are collapsible, double-walled, and specifically designed for aviation fuel transportation. They are certified for hauling bulk fuels in aircraft, without the need for using 45-gallon fuel drums.

With BATT, Air Tindi can safely and efficiently transport bulk fuels to even the most remote locations using our Dash 7 and Twin Otter. The use of BATT allows for safe, quick, clean, and effective fuel transportation, without the need for back-hauling empty fuel drums. This also decreases the likelihood of fuel spills and ensures that fuel delivery is done in the most efficient and eco-friendly way possible.

The Dash 7 can transport up to 6400 liters of fuel per trip, making it an ideal choice for large projects and big fuel requirements. With Air Tindi’s Bulk Fuel Delivery service, customers can be assured that their fuel requirements will be met safely and efficiently, even in the most remote areas.

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