Cessna Caravan

Cessna Caravan

Modern passenger/cargo aircraft

The Cessna Caravan is a modern passenger/cargo aircraft that operates on floats during the summer months. It is safe, reliable, and highly economical to operate, competing favourably with much larger aircraft on a cost-per-pound/passenger basis. The Caravan is equipped with a large cargo door, commuter seating, and the reliability of a turbine engine. It also has the capability to carry external loads. Whether you’re planning a canoe trip or a fishing expedition, this is the perfect aircraft to get you there!


Fleet Size


Available landing gear


Ice/Gravel Strips


Available Passenger Capacity


Cruise Speed

170 MPH

Cargo Door Size

50" x 50"

Maximum Typical Payload

2,400 lbs or 340 cubic feet

External Load?

Yes - Canoes

Cabin Length

12 ft.

Runway Length

2,000 ft.

Typical Range

1,000 miles

Quick Change Combi Configurations

1-7 passengers and cargo/baggage


GPS WAAS, TAWS, Weather Radar

Satellite flight tracking and Communication

Passenger, Cargo and Medevac Interiors

Fastest float plane available with the longest range

Domestic and International all-weather operations

Efficient passenger and bulk cargo hauler

Bulk Fuel

Large Cargo Door


fleet-config-06_C 208 copy 2

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