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Built for the North

For over 35 years, we've gained extensive knowledge about our customers' needs, their industries, and the aircraft that provide the best mix of reliability and versatility. We’ve built a unique fleet of aircraft that complement each other while also being highly capable in challenging, remote, and isolated operations. Most notably, our Dash 7s stand out as particularly sought-after, capable of completing missions no other aircraft can.

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Our COMBI Advantage

A key factor of our fleet, particularly with our Dash 7’s, is the COMBI advantage. This involves merging passenger and freight loads aboard a single aircraft, which is capable of safely operating on short, unpaved runways and in areas with limited infrastructure. COMBI charters effectively support the logistical objectives of economy, efficiency, and versatility for many companies. These flights are available across a majority of our fleet, from the nimble Cessna Caravan and de Havilland’s proven Turbo and Twin Otters, to, most notably, the highly capable Dash 7 with its multiple configurations.


Our STOL Advantage

The core advantage of our fleet is that almost all aircraft are equipped for STOL (Short Take Off and Landing), enabling access to the most remote or challenging destinations. Our de Havilland Turbo and Twin Otters, equipped with wheels, skis, and floats, possess all-season capability for STOL missions within 800 feet of runway. Even the heavy-lift, four-engine Dash 7 requires as little as 1,500 feet for operations on ice or land strips.


Our WORKFORCE Advantage

Resource companies highly value the economy, proven safety record, and convenience of flying workers directly to and from their sites. This mode of transport ensures that staff arrives refreshed and ready for work, eliminating the need for lengthy and tiring land travel where roads are scarce or non-existent. Additionally, the option of chartering a COMBI aircraft allows employers and contractors to further optimize time, value, and efficiency, making it an ideal choice for remote operations.


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