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Northerners safely serving the North

Over 35 years, Air Tindi has established itself as a core part of Northern Canada, operating from our base in Yellowknife, NWT. Our fleet of diverse turboprop aircraft is flown and maintained by a passionate and highly skilled team, deeply rooted in the unique demands of Northern Canada. This expertise extends beyond aviation; our staff, who live and work in the North, bring genuine understanding and commitment to each flight. At Air Tindi, we combine professional excellence with practical knowledge of the region, ensuring safe and reliable service in some of the most challenging flying environments. Our operations are more than just transport; they reflect our dedication to the people and places of the North.


Essential services when you need them most

Air Tindi is dedicated to serving the unique needs of Northern Canada, offering vital connections not only to remote communities but also to our diverse range of customers. Our operations encompass daily scheduled flights, Air Ambulance services, and tailored charter flights catering to various sectors including mining, tourism, and government. Each service highlights our commitment to reliability and essential support, whether for community connectivity or customer-specific requirements. Understanding the challenges of the North, we aim to be a dependable link, facilitating both community well-being and customer success. At Air Tindi, every flight is a step towards strengthening the bonds and meeting the needs of the communities and customers we proudly serve.

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Our Story

From our humble beginnings to a strong team of over 250 dedicated employees and a diverse fleet of aircraft, we stand as a leading name in Canada’s North.

2022 - NASA

In the global race to electrify commercial flight and reduce aviation’s greenhouse gas impact, Air Tindi supplied NASA with a Dash 7 airframe for conversion to a mixed turbo/electric engine prototype by 2025.

2020 - Hay River Launch

As other airlines reduce service, Air Tindi steps in to add Monday-to-Friday sked service to Hay River. It’s the sixth community in the company’s roster of scheduled flights.

2017 - Bulk Aviation Transport Tanks

Air Tindi invests in Bulk Aviation Transport Tanks (BATT), allowing for the safe and efficient transport of bulk fuels to remote sites using the Dash 7 and Twin Otter.

2015 - Medevac contract

In a long-term contract with the Stanton Territorial Health Authority, Air Tindi teams up with Yellowknife-based Advanced Medical Solutions to provide 24/7 emergency flight service and upgrades the King Air Fleet.

1998 - Fort Simpson

Fort Simpson is the fifth community in the company’s expanding network of scheduled flights.

1995 - New Float Base

A modern 3-story administration office building is built at the Old Town float base, boasting the only elevator in Old Town.

1992 - Air Tindi Expansion

In a merger with other local businesses, Air Tindi acquires its first hangar at Yellowknife's YZF airport and lays plans for building another.

1991 - New Scheduled Routes

Gamètì, Łutsel K'e and Whatí added to AIr Tindi's expanding scheduled network of flights.

1991 - Tlicho Joint Venture

The Tlicho Investment Corporation purchased a 25% share in Air Tindi and then sold it back in 1994. The corporation also bought a Dash 7, which it continues to lease to the airline. This was one of the first-ever joint ventures in the NWT.

1989 - Diamond Rush

Exploration for diamonds explodes across the NWT, launching intense growth for Air Tindi.

1988 - FIrst Addition to Scheduled Network

Wekweètì is the first addition to Air Tindi's regularly scheduled flight network

Nov 1, 1988 – Air Tindi Takes Flight

The Arychuk brothers, Alex and Peter, together with their wives Sheila and Teri, launched Air Tindi at a floatbase in Yellowknife's Old Town using three aircraft and a bold strategy.

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