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Tarmac Delays

A tarmac delay occurs when an airplane on the ground is either awaiting takeoff or has just landed and the passengers are held onboard, away from the gate, with the door closed.

While traveling with Air Tindi, we can assure you there will be no cases where an aircraft will hold on the tarmac for an extended period of time. Working separately from the main terminal in Yellowknife in conjunction with the size of the airports we serve, enables us to avoid many delays other carriers face regularly.

In the event an unforeseen circumstance arises requiring a tarmac delay Air Tindi will provide the following :

  • Access to serviceable lavatories if the aircraft is equipped;
  • Proper ventilation, heating and cooling of the aircraft;
  • If feasible, access to means of communication;
  • Food and drink in reasonable quantities, determined by the time of day, length of delay and airport location.

In the event a passenger requires urgent medical assistance while a flight is delayed on the tarmac after the doors of the aircraft are closed for take-off or after the flight has landed, Air Tindi will facilitate access to assistance.

At a maximum, 3 hours after the aircraft doors have been closed for takeoff, or after the flight has landed Air Tindi will allow an opportunity for our passengers to disembark the aircraft. Persons with disabilities and their support person, service animal or emotional support animal will be provided priority disembarkation.

If a take-off is imminent, Air Tindi may continue to delay on the tarmac up to 3 hours and 45 minutes as long as it maintains the standards of treatment formerly outlined.

The material mentioned herein does not apply if providing an opportunity for passengers to disembark is not possible, including if it is not possible for reasons related to safety and security or to air traffic or customs control.

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