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Palletized Cargo

When it comes to palletized or bulk cargo, the Dash 7 is specifically designed to handle palletized cargo, which is loaded and unloaded quickly and efficiently through the use of metal skids. The cargo can be pre-sorted and organized to simplify and optimize transportation. This method allows for maximum cargo to be moved in the quickest and most efficient way possible.


Bulk Cargo

In situations where palletized cargo is not suitable, whether it be due to the amount of cargo or infrastructure required (such as not having the proper equipment to handle the metal skids), Air Tindi can handle bulk cargo with all aircraft types. Although it can be a little more time-consuming as the loading and unloading are done through manual labor, it provides an excellent alternative for customers with different cargo requirements.

No matter your needs, Air Tindi offers efficient and reliable cargo transportation services that cater to the diverse requirements of our customers.

Fleet Information

Available Passenger Capacity

Cargo Door Size

Maximum Typical Payloads

Cabin Length

Typical Range

Quick Change Combi

Runway / Strip Length


Dash 7 Combi


91” x 70”

10,000 lbs or 2,250 cubic feet

36 ft.

1,200 miles

Configurations 1-46 passengers and cargo/baggage

1,500 meters


Twin Otter


56" x 50"

3,500 lbs or 510 cubic feet

18 ft.

750 miles

Configurations 1-17 passengers and cargo/baggage

less than 800 ft.


Turbo Otter


45" x 46"

2,800 lbs or 288 cubic ft

14 ft.

600 miles

7-8 passengers + light baggage / 1-6 passengers + baggage/cargo / All Cargo

Less than 2,000 ft.


Cessna Caravan


50" x 50"

2,400 lbs or 340 cubic feet

12 ft.

1,000 miles

1-7 passengers and cargo/baggage

2,000 ft.


fleet-config-06_Air_tindi_ config_DH7_sanspax10
fleet-config-06_Air_tindi_ config_twinotter
fleet-config-06_Air_tindi_ config_turbootter
fleet-config-06_Air_tindi_ config_cessna

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