Health and Safety – We Live For It

Our commitment to the comfort and safety of our passengers, and to the wellbeing of our flight and support teams, is not taken for granted.

We back it up with a rigorous six-point SMS (Safety Management System) covering oversight, training, quality assurance, documentation and emergency preparedness.

It has earned us Gold status certification for the Basic Aviation Risk Standard (BARS) tests that audit and evaluate all our protocols. In addition, we are also proud to hold Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Systems (CAMTS) accreditation for our compliance with medical transport and patient care standards.

None of these are easily achieved. It is a credit to Air Tindi’s people and leadership who’ve built our culture of care and safety over 35 years. We live for it, and its our pledge to all our passengers and clients, on every flight.

Through proactive measures and a strong emphasis on safety education, Air Tindi has emerged as a leader in aviation safety in the North. We have wholeheartedly embraced and exemplified the highest standards of precautionary measures, evident throughout our extensive range of operational manuals, guidance documents, and maintenance records. Our commitment to safety directly correlates to the efficiency, sustainability, and continued prosperity of our organization.

To learn more about flying on board floatplanes and associated best practices, please visit the Transport Canada website.


Air Tindi adheres to an aviation safety audit and evaluation protocol, and is proud to comply with the BARS GOLD (Basic Aviation Risk Standard) standard.

This attests to a significant reduction in risks within aviation activities through effective management.

We are also proud to hold the CAMTS accreditation, attesting that Air Tindi complies with standards for air medical transport services, patient care, and transport environment.

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