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Medevacs & Air Ambulance Services

Air Tindi’s Air Ambulance services are an integral part of the company, community, and all of Northern Canada. While the service is primarily geared towards customers, such as government agencies and others, we also offer this service to private individuals who require emergency medical transport.

These services are normally used to transfer stabilized patients from one medical facility to another that can provide more medical expertise. With our state-of-the-art medical equipment and expert staff, we can safely transport patients to their destination, providing the highest level of care throughout the journey. Since 1996, Air Tindi has been providing quality Air Ambulance services that ensure 24 hour, 365 days a year availability.

We are the sole providers of Air Ambulance services contracted under the Government of the Northwest Territories. Each flight is operated by our King Air 250 aircraft, which are equipped with state-of-art full medical interiors. Our Air Ambulance team is the largest, proudest, and most advanced fleet in the north. Whether it’s an urgent medical evacuation or a non-emergency transport, Air Tindi is ready to provide a safe and reliable air ambulance service.

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