Flight disruption (Controllable)

Flight disruption within Air Tindi’s control

A disruption would fall under this segment if the contributing factors were not due to circumstances listed under the previous categories.

  • Delay in aircraft release from scheduled routine maintenance;
  • Ground operations including aircraft loading or refueling;
  • Crew scheduling complications or duty restrictions within reasonable control.

Our commitments to you:

Upon recognition of a flight disruption, Air Tindi will provide notice to all affected customers, including the reason for the cancellation, delay or denial of boarding. subsequent updates will be provided every 30 minutes until the disruption is rectified. Rectification will be attained through a newly established departure time or confirmation of alternate travel arrangements. Information will be provided through the following means :

  • Audible announcements within the airport terminal
  • Visible announcement available upon request

Alternate travel arrangements

If your flight is delayed for 3 hours or more Air Tindi will provide alternate travel arrangements or a refund if desired.

If your flight is canceled or you have been denied boarding, Air Tindi will provide confirmed alternate travel arrangements to those affected on the next available flight. Customers may also request a refund if preferred.

In the case of a flight disruption which is considered within our control, if alternate travel arrangements do not meet your needs, we will refund the unused portion of your ticket. Along with the refund you will receive compensation of $125.00 or be offered alternate compensation of greater value.

Standards of treatment

If you are informed of a delay or cancellation less than 12 hours before the departure time that is indicated on your original ticket, or you’ve been denied boarding you are entitled to the standards of treatment outlined in the table on the last page of this document.

Compensation for delay or cancellation

If informed 14 days or less before the departure time listed on your original ticket that the arrival of your flight at the destination indicated on that original ticket will be delayed, Air Tindi must provide the following minimum compensation.

Arrival Delay Length Monetary Compensation
Greater than 3 hours, less than 6 hours $125.00 CAD
Greater than 6 hours, less than 9 hours $250.00 CAD
9 hours or more $500.00 CAD

NOTICE : To receive the minimum compensation for delays and cancellations or receive a refund for an unused portion of your reservation due to a flight disruption, you must file a request with Air Tindi before the first anniversary day of the occurrence. Air Tindi will provide compensation within 30 days of receiving the request or provide an explanation why it isn’t payable.

Denial of boarding

Overbooking is a practice within the airline industry in which some airlines confirm more seats on an aircraft than available. We are pleased to let you know that Air Tindi never intentionally overbooks flights. Although we do not overbook our flights there may be rare situations when an unforeseen overbooking may occur. In the unlikely event we need to deny boarding due to a factor within our control (unless due to safety), the affected passengers(s) may be entitled to the following compensation:

Arrival Delay Length Monetary Compensation
Less than 6 hours $900.00 CAD
Greater than 6 hours, less than 9 hours $1,800.00 CAD
9 hours or more $2400.00 CAD

Air Tindi will not deny boarding until all passengers have been asked if they are willing to give up their seat. Further, Air Tindi will not deny boarding to a passenger who has already boarded unless required for safety reasons.

If a benefit is offered in exchange for a passenger to willingly give up their seat, Air Tindi will provide the passenger written confirmation of that benefit before the flight departs.

Prior to denying boarding, Air Tindi will seek a volunteer(s) to willingly travel on the next available flight. In the event that there are no volunteers Air Tindi will deny boarding, giving priority to the following passengers:

  • Unaccompanied minors;
  • Passenger(s) with disabilities;
  • Service animals;
  • Passenger(s) who are traveling with family members;
  • Passenger(s) who were previously denied boarding on the same ticket.

Air Tindi will not provide compensation to those denied boarding for the following reasons:

  • Health, safety, or security reasons;
  • Failing to follow carrier rules or instructions;
  • Because a passenger doesn’t have appropriate travail documents or;
  • The passenger has failed to respect check-in and departure gate cut-off time limits.

Issuing compensation

Compensation will be provided in the form of money, unless all measure below are satisfied:

  • An alternate form of compensation has greater monetary value than the compensation due;
  • Air Tindi provides you written confirmation of the value of the alternate compensation;
  • The alternate compensation doesn’t expire;
  • As the customer you must confirm in writing you were informed of your right to receive monetary compensation and have agreed to the alternate compensation proposed by Air Tindi.

If compensation is due and Air Tindi cannot provide it before the departure of your new travel arrangements we will provide written confirmation of the amount of the compensation that’s owed. Compensation will be provided to you within 48 hours after your departure. If compensation is issued and the flight arrives at your final destination later than expected, you may be entitled to further compensation. Air Tindi will provide the difference in compensation owed.


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