King Air 250

The Beechcraft King Air 250 (200GT, 200CGT) are brand new executive turboprop aircraft outfitted with the G1000 (glass cockpit) Synthetic Vision and much more, setting them above the rest of the aircraft in their class.  Flying at 330 MPH, fully pressurized at altitudes up to 35000 ft, with a maximum range of 1700 miles, and able to fly in and out of paved and gravel runways as short as 2900ft with a payload of 1800lbs (medevac configuration) due to an approved up-grossed takeoff weight of 13420 lbs. Air Tindi operates 3 of these aircraft with one having a Large Cargo Door accommodating bariatric patients when required. These aircraft are considered the top of their class. Air Tindi’s King Air 250 fleet operate exclusively in Medevac configuration.


Engines and Capacities


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