Air Tindi’s commitment to safety comes from all employees and is the core value of the way we conduct business. For this dedication, Air Tindi has received the GOLD certification from the Flight Safety Foundation BARS Standards.

Air Tindi has a fully matured and functioning Safety Management System (SMS) which has been expanded it to include all areas of operations safety, occupational health and safety, maintenance safety, and quality assurance. Air Tindi’s SMS is a comprehensive systematic process for identifying and managing safety, risks, hazards and incidents. It integrates operations and maintenance systems with financial administration and human resource management to achieve safe operations both in the air and on the ground. The system encompasses 6 Key components as follows:

• Safety Management Plan
• Documentation Management
• Safety Oversight
• Training
• Quality Assurance
• Emergency Response Preparedness

Taking proactive steps and safety education has enabled Air Tindi to become one of the
leaders in aviation safety in the North. We have adopted and demonstrated the highest level of proactive measures as evident throughout the various company operational manuals, guidance documents and maintenance documents. Our dedication to safety is directly linked to the efficiency, viability, and continued success of our organization.


To learn more about flying on board floatplanes and associated best practices, please visit the Transport Canada website.