Dangerous Goods

Please take a moment to review our List of Common Dangerous Goods to see if anything you are shipping is included.

All dangerous goods offered for shipment with Air Tindi Ltd. must be prepared, packaged and labeled in accordance with either the IATA (International Air Transport Association) regulations or Section 12 of the TDGR (Canadian Transportation of Dangerous Goods Regulations).             

In addition, all dangerous goods offered for shipment must be accompanied by the required shipper’s paperwork.

DG poster

If you have any questions regarding shipping or traveling with dangerous goods please contact the Air Tindi Cargo Office at: (867) 669-8206 or cargo@airtindi.com.

Air Tindi will provide guidance with your dangerous goods shipments however Air Tindi Ltd. cannot fulfill the responsibilities of the “shipper” as defined in the Canadian Transportation of Dangerous Goods Regulations.

Discovery Mining Services Ltd. / info@discoverymining.ca / (867) 920-4600, offer services for the preparation and shipping of dangerous goods by air.

There is an additional charge of $70 per shipment for any dangerous goods.

List of Common Dangerous Goods PDF